“I believe that we are not defined by our pathologies, problems, or challenges, but rather, by our resilience and strength. And I am honored to be a part of your journey towards wellness.” 

~  Lin Coleman, CLT – LANA

Lin_Colema - Headshot

Hello.  I’m Lin Coleman.

With over 40 years of experience as a nationally certified lymphedema therapist, I’ve dedicated my career to helping individuals navigate the challenges of living with lymphedema after breast cancer.

I received my certification from two leading lymphedema clinics in Europe and had the honor of developing four hospital lymphedema programs, including Stanford Research Hospital in Northern California.

Today, I work in outpatient physical therapy providing a range of lymphedema care services, from manual lymphatic drainage to kinesiotaping, garments fitting, and more.

My deepest desire is to share a simple program with you that can make your life more manageable and functional, regardless of where you are on your journey.

I believe that we are more than our pathologies, problems, or challenges, and my goal is to empower you to feel better and more whole, for yourself, your family, and your life.


  • Nationally certified Lymphedema Therapist (1987)
  • Certified by leading European Lymphedema Clinics: The Vodder Clinic in Austria (1987) and The Foeldi Clinic in Germany (1996)
  • Developed four hospital lymphedema programs, including Stanford Research Hospital in Northern California
  • Experienced in Outpatient Physical Therapy providing a range of Lymphedema Care services

Services and Modalities:

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
  • Bandaging
  • Kinesio-taping
  • Garments fitting
  • Sequential gradient pump trials
  • Self-MLD
  • Self-myofascial release (MFR) for axillary webbing/scar tissue
  • Strength ABC program
  • Post-cancer Qigong/Qigong Healing

Schedule with Lin in person or by phone:

You can see Lin in person under your insurance at:
  • Fit for Life Physical Therapy 102 Catherine Lane Grass Valley, CA 95945
  • Call 530-478-1933 or Fax RX to 530-478-1937
OR Self -pay option $85 at Lin’s Clinic in Grass Valley:
  • 10654 Walker Drive Grass Valley, CA 95945 530 913-8878
I look forward to working with you!

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