What to Wear When You’re Flat
After a Double Mastectomy

I started making videos in December 2017 related to the triple positive breast cancer diagnosis I received on 10/22/2017. I share about the choices I’m making along the way and some about the process, my experience and how life has altered me since.

I tried something new today and wanted to show some of the styles that work for me now that I’m ‘flat’.

It’s taken a long time to find styles that work for my new body; it’s been 2 years since flat surgery.

Also, I do a little review of The Busted Tank—a company that designs tanks and breast forms for women who have undergone either a single or double mastectomy.

Check it out!

Zara, Madewell, Free People, Sanctuary: brands I mention in this video.

The videos are here for others who become diagnosed with cancer and are looking for support, encouragement, info, answers.

These videos are also to chronicle my personal journey. Thanks for following my story.

Take good care of yourself.   ♥️ Anitra