Hypnotherapy: Transformation by Harnessing your Inner Power

I’m excited that you’ve chosen to work together and gift yourself the joy of anchoring in deep relaxation; self-care tools; and, embarking on the exploration of your deeper Self. Together, we’ll unravel patterns, behaviors, and challenges that may not serve you anymore. Then, we’ll find new, useful ways to navigate your present and future selves.  First, let me share…


Post (after) breast cancer surgery and radiation, Carol struggled with uncommon problems like severe headaches and lack of range of motion (ROM) in her arm and neck. For four years, she was unable to get back on her feet or reintegrate into her life. Stress, anxiety, and pain pervaded her neck, chest, and arm. Conventional therapy and allopathic solutions provided no relief. Fear crippled her daily activities; she could barely manage her household tasks, let alone care for her family and husband.

Carol approached me to help her just as I was learning hypnotherapy. Over the next six months, we worked together with every hypnotherapy exercise in the progressive course material. In our first session, we anchored deep relaxation and reconnected her with herself – something she hadn’t been able to do in four years! After these six months of hypnotherapy, Carol was now envisioning a life filled with joy, and the activities she loved, like visiting the ocean with her husband. These renewed visions of a joyful future sparked an upward spiral in her life. She felt more positive and regained her life and energy; and, to this day, continues to use hypnotherapy anchors and tools to navigate her life.


  • Our sessions always start with anchoring deep relaxation, as it provides the best connection to our unconscious, allowing us to find beneficial solutions to move forward from stuck or repetitive life-negating patterns.
  • We’ll build a self-care toolbox filled with simple, gentle, positive messaging connected to your unconscious knowledge, enabling the best outcomes for you. (You may notice some past situations that need to be reevaluated with new eyes, insights, and expressions.)

As a Certified Hypnotherapist educated by the renowned Paul McKenna and Mindvalley; and, as a member of the IAPCP, I’m continually expanding my education in Hypnotherapy, Havening, and Quantum Healing Methods.

I’m also Certified in Matrix Energetics Quantum Healing since 2008 and have been integrating hypnotherapy and quantum healing with friends and patients and in my Lymphedema practice with wonderful results.

The synergy of these two methods brings about solutions, lightness, and new paradigms for walking and navigating a new path in life.

You will have the tools to change patterns and move forward using the information from the depths of your own subconscious to navigate your life path forward.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!  ~ Lin

Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Carol is a post mastectomy patient that had a complex surgery that caused abnormal debilitating pain in her neck, shoulder and breast after her surgery and treatment for 4 years. She had basically given up her previous life and was unable to do her normal activities. Hypnotherapy gave her life back as well and some Physical Therapy, MLD and MFR.

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